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The Franche-Comté line

& biodiversity

Agriculture has a predominant place in Franche-Comté, helping to keep the landscape open, maintaining the rural fabric and also promoting the economy of these areas.
But that’s not all: agriculture can also maintain the biodiversity of this region.

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Hedges, groves, trees, ponds and ‘murgers’ (small dry-stone walls) are important elements for the cows that take shelter there, but also for the wildlife that finds refuge there.

The hay meadows are used to produce hay to feed the cows in the winter. These are fairly productive areas, which are fertilised as required for optimal grass growth, in order to allow the farms to be independent in terms of fodder. In a perfect cycle, it is primarily the manure and slurry produced by the farm that is used to fertilise the meadows.

Some of the permanent pastures (not turned over) are grazed by dairy cows. The biodiversity generated by these grasslands depends on the fertilisation and the intensity of use.

The least productive meadows, the most rugged and those furthest from the farm are grazed by heifers (young cows). These areas may be a little less productive, but are nevertheless necessary both for the proper functioning of farms and for the preservation of biodiversity. The floral diversity of these pastures, linked to soil at the surface or a rugged topography, is also valued by the livestock (health, nutrients, etc.)

Activities in the Morbier region

The unique nature line

A natural destination par excellence

The Morbier PDO geographical region, the Jura Massif, is a natural destination par excellence. Peaks, lakes, rivers, caves, a natural regional park, the Jura mountains are full of natural wonders to discover while enjoying a range of outdoor activities.

Just like the Morbier production area, the Jura mountains stretch over 3 departments: Doubs, Jura and Ain. The richness of this environment is enhanced by a magnificent heritage. The region has a recognised gastronomic heritage with its 4 PDO cheeses (Morbier, Comté, Mont d’Or and Bleu de Gex Haut Jura), cured meats, absinthe and the Jura vineyard, renowned for its unique wines.

Summer activities

Hiking is the region’s flagship activity with 3000 miles (5 000km) of trails! There is something for everyone, from the famous GRP® and GR® short and long hiking trails, to other long routes.

The Morbier PDO region has also created two routes for fun and educational walks in the heart of Haut-Doubs, on the theme of the cheese with the black line. A true open-air museum, these 2 walks are approximately 3 miles (5km) each and are located in Métabief (leave from 36 Rue du Village, 25370 Métabief) and in Labergement-Sainte-Marie (leave from the fruitière des Lacs 25160 Labergement-Sainte-Marie) .
Suitable for the whole family, these circular routes will introduce you to the landscapes of the Jura massif and one of its delicious PDO cheeses: Morbier! Along the way, you can visit the cheese dairies and enjoy a tasting!

The more athletic will be delighted by the trails in the region: the UTTJ, the Ultra01, and the UTMJ… not to mention the Morbier trail!
At the end of August, the Morbier cheese board organises an inter-professional competition in the eponymous town of Morbier, to elect the year’s best Morbier. This is the opportunity for a big festival with a demonstration of how Morbier is made, a craft market, herding and sled dogs, meals featuring Morbier… A fabulous day out bringing together all those involved in the sector, local residents and any passing tourists!

Immersion in the Trait Morbier Trail

Winter activities

When the cows ruminate on the hay in the warm stalls and the peaks of the Massif are covered in snow, it’s time for us to put on our skis!

A paradise for cross-country skiing, Jura also offers snowshoeing, dog sledding, and tobogganing, and you can go downhill skiing in 3 large resorts: Métabief (25), les Rousses (39) and Lélex (01). For the more curious, you can even try your hand at biathlon in some resorts. The slightly less adventurous can enjoy a delicious raclette, with Morbier of course!

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Morbier and apple combination

Perfect complements

The sweet and savoury combination of Morbier and apple is perfect for afternoon tea, aperitif, brunch or as part of the cheese board, whether with traditional apple juice, apple crisps, apple tart or simply some fresh fruit.

Artisan apple juice for a Morbier snack

The sweet and smooth side of apple juice goes particularly well with a fruity Morbier.
Morbier sticks and a nice glass of apple juice is a simple and successful snack or non-alcoholic aperitif. In winter, to warm up, we prefer to serve a slightly more distinctive Morbier with some hot and spicy apple juice. The spices are very good at revealing the power of old Morbier cheeses.

Fresh apple and Morbier: a healthy snack

For this to be a successful combination, choose sweet and fruity rather than sour apples. Just cut small pieces of apple and Morbier and eat them together, for example!

Apple crisps for an original aperitif!

Apple crisps are very easy to bake in the oven and will go wonderfully with diced Morbier for an aperitif. The crunchy crisps will combine with the smoothness of Morbier in a sweet and savoury mixture.

Apple, celery and Morbier tart, an unusual brunch!

This winter pie will make an impression. On a puff pastry base, place alternating slices of apple, celery and sweet Morbier, topped with a few knobs of butter.
Season and bake for about 30 minutes at 240°F (200°C).

Morbier and tea combination

Perfect complements

An association of cheese and tea is not at all surprising. Like wine, tea contains tannins, to a greater or lesser extent, which respond to the flavours in cheeses. Both aromatic, the key is finding the right balance between Morbier and tea.

Here are two guaranteed successes, but why not experiment? This combination can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or at the end of a meal as part of the cheese board.

Assam black tea

Assam black tea grows in northern India in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a spicy and full-bodied tea that should be steeped for 5 to 8 minutes in water at 135°F (95°C). Assam black tea goes perfectly with a Morbier that has vanilla and fruity aromas. Morbier’s supple and creamy texture will be revealed by Assam tea, with its subtle woody notes. Served hot but not boiling, the tea will help to gently melt the cheese in the mouth, releasing its aromas. This pairing has been suggested by Lydia Gautier, an expert in tea and herbal tea, and author of 1001 secrets sur le thé.

Genmaicha green tea

Genmaicha green tea is a blend of Sancha green tea and roasted and puffed rice. The vegetal aromas of this Japanese tea are enriched with a roasted and grilled element from the rice. This very refreshing, fresh tea will bring out the sweetness of Morbier, creating a blend between the toasted tea and the creaminess of the cheese.

Homepage Morbier

A unique expertise

Morbier PDO cheese,
a line of character

Under a thin pink-orange crust, you find a thick, smooth centre, with its famous black line running through. When you taste this unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese, you experience aromas of fruit, yoghurt, milky vanilla and even caramel pudding.

About fifty dairies, ten affineurs and around 2,000 milk producers demonstrate their expertise in the PDO area: Doubs, Jura, part of Ain and Saône-et-Loire.

What is the black line in Morbier cheese?

Who has never asked the question?
The black line in Morbier is made from charcoal, a visual element directly linked to its history.

Discover the history of the line

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Enjoying Morbier

The matched line


The rich taste of Morbier can be paired with many dishes and various drinks. Wine is obviously an immediate choice to accompany cheese, but why not treat yourself to an aperitif with beer and Morbier?

Morbier can be enjoyed at any time, so try a brunch with the unusual combination of Morbier and tea, it’s a real delight. Apple softens Morbier, for a healthy and gourmet snack. Ideas for pairing with Morbier can be found below and why not create your own?

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