The committed line

An invested group

Since its creation, Morbier PDO has been managed by an inter-professional workers’ board which brings together all those involved in the sector. The PDO Morbier Board headquarters are located in Poligny, in Jura.
In fewer than 15 years, those in the sector have contributed to strengthening the cheese culture of Franche-Comté, allowing many cheese dairies to participate both in the active rural economy and in the promotion of the Jura massif.

Cheese dairies
Dairy farmers

Around fifty dairies and ten refiners now produce more than 11,000 tons of Morbier per year.
About 2,000 breeders can produce milk that meets the criteria of the Morbier PDO.

Every day, in each Morbier wheel, the producers leave their own mark. At the same time, more than ever before, we must ensure that our cheeses have irreproachable health standards and ever-improving taste and diversity.

Increase in Morbier production, from 4,000 tons in 2001 to 12,000 tons in 2017