The recognisable line

Morbier PDOidentity card

Morbier is a cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk, a member of the uncooked pressed cheese family. It comes in a 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) diameter wheel, 2 to 3 (5 to 8 cm) inches thick, weighing between 11 and 18 pounds (5 to 8 kg). The rind displays a naturally light powdery pink to orange-beige complexion.

Morbier’s black line makes it very recognisable, it runs horizontally through the centre of the cheese. This smooth and thin cheese sometimes has a few small holes, the size of a flattened currant.

Morbier is a PDO cheese. This European label guarantees consumers that all stages of production up to maturing take place in the appellation’s recognised geographical area. Morbier is therefore a local cheese made in the Jura massif, largely in Franche-Comté (Doubs and Jura) and in a few towns in Ain and Saône-et-Loire. The PDO also provides recognised and verified expertise compiled in specifications available via the link below.

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The milk used to make Morbier comes exclusively from the local Montbéliarde and Simmental Française breeds. The staple diet of the cows is grass and hay, and excludes any fermented product.

On each farm, the grassland area must be at least equal to 1 hectare per dairy cow. The cows are milked twice a day at regular times. The milk is transported and cheese produced daily.

Morbier is an uncooked pressed cheese made exclusively with unpasteurised milk. Morbier is matured in a cellar for at least 45 days, or more: 2, 3 or 4 months.