Perfect complements

The sweet and savoury combination of Morbier and apple is perfect for afternoon tea, aperitif, brunch or as part of the cheese board, whether with traditional apple juice, apple crisps, apple tart or simply some fresh fruit.

Artisan apple juice for a Morbier snack

The sweet and smooth side of apple juice goes particularly well with a fruity Morbier.
Morbier sticks and a nice glass of apple juice is a simple and successful snack or non-alcoholic aperitif. In winter, to warm up, we prefer to serve a slightly more distinctive Morbier with some hot and spicy apple juice. The spices are very good at revealing the power of old Morbier cheeses.

Fresh apple and Morbier: a healthy snack

For this to be a successful combination, choose sweet and fruity rather than sour apples. Just cut small pieces of apple and Morbier and eat them together, for example!

Apple crisps for an original aperitif!

Apple crisps are very easy to bake in the oven and will go wonderfully with diced Morbier for an aperitif. The crunchy crisps will combine with the smoothness of Morbier in a sweet and savoury mixture.

Apple, celery and Morbier tart, an unusual brunch!

This winter pie will make an impression. On a puff pastry base, place alternating slices of apple, celery and sweet Morbier, topped with a few knobs of butter.
Season and bake for about 30 minutes at 240°F (200°C).