Perfect complements

Jura wines are a wonderful accompaniment to Morbier. The rich aromatic palette of Morbier and the diversity of Jura wines create marvellous tasting experiences.

Vin jaune elevates Morbier PDO to a throne.

Vin jaune has a combination of aromatic notes, nuts, apples, candied fruit and spices.
It has a very special dry taste. Its power reveals Morbier, especially the most intense, perfectly. Serve as an aperitif with diced Morbier PDO, as a main course with melted cheese or on a cheese board with a more refined Morbier.
Vin jaune is best enjoyed at an ideal temperature of 56°F (16°C).

Floral white wine, an ancestral blend!

Jura’s floral white wines blend perfectly with a soft, smooth Morbier.
This wine, with its fine bouquet and long finish, has the particularity of developing very subtle aromas. It goes perfectly with a young Morbier, or a recipe featuring.
Drink it slightly chilled, at 51°F (11°C) to reveal all its secrets.

Traditional white wine, what an addiction!

Savagnin is a wine with a delicate flavour, it expresses itself with an admirably long finish and the powerful aromas of its terroir.
It is a wine that goes wonderfully with a more mature Morbier, with more intense flavours on the palate, or with a spicy dish.
Enjoy it at 53°F (13°C) to reveal all its aromas, even the most hidden.

Crémant du Jura, an embarrassment of riches!

Raw or semi-dry, we have full of possibilities to taste. With its lightness, it announces conviviality and celebration.
The power of its bubbles will perfectly match with a refined Morbier, its softness also rhymes with the smoothness of a young Morbier.
All that remains is to taste and find your preference!

A Crémant du Jura should be consumed between 41°F (5°C) and 45°F (7°C).